Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Built a Bucket of Bolts!

Hi, folks!  First, no, this blog hasn't been abandoned. After three years of grueling schooling, I've been taking a good long break with the family.

But that's not what this post is about.  This post is about the computer program of my dreams: LEGO Digital Designer.  For a good 15 years, I have desperately wanted a good LEGO building computer program, especially since LEGOs have become so insanely expensive.  Well, apparently LEGO made one.  And it does everything you would ever want a LEGO building program to do.  And it's free.

Naturally, after screwing around with it for a few minutes, the first question I asked myself was "Exactly HOW good is this program?"  So I downloaded the instructions for the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon (which holds a record for the most pieces in a prepackaged set) to put LDD through its paces.  5168 pieces later...
Turns out, it's pretty freaking awesome.
UPDATE: Okay, I'm having trouble getting the model uploaded to LEGO's servers, so until they get back to me, I've uploaded it to Mediafire here.  Download and enjoy!

UPDATE 2: Well crap.  When I started this project, nobody else had tried to make this in LDD.  Apparently since then, user Wigamondo uploaded his version, so there's a good chance LEGO won't even post mine (though I'd argue mine is slightly better...but then I'm horribly biased).  If you want to download his version, just go to the LDD gallery and search for his username.

Check out the full build gallery after the jump.