Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kids Can Be So Cruel (or My Daughter Learns the Force Isn't Real...from a Certain Point of View)

So, I recently had to have a very difficult talk with The Princess about the Force.  No really.  You see, we'd always let her open doors using the Force while we pushed the handicap button, or push me over with the Force while we were dueling with lightsabers.  But both my wife and I thought she knew deep down that we were having fun.  Well, apparently she genuinely, wholeheartedly believed she could wield the Force.  In and of itself, I wouldn't consider this a bad thing, no worse than believing in Santa Claus.  Except that kids--and by kids, I mean the little shits in her Kindergarten class--are cruel, and revel in each other's misery.

My daughter, like most kids, has had to frequently deal with other kids mocking her.  She's always been good about telling the truth, so she gets extremely upset when they call her a liar, like in the previous incident regarding Leia's saber, or the bear that waved to her when she was on vacation.

Now the other day, my daughter came home a little upset and said to my wife, "I told Evan I could use the Force, and he didn't believe me. He made me try and push him over with the Force, and I couldn't! The Force is real, isn't it? Cuz Dad said it was real, and he would never lie to me."

So we had a good, long, painful talk. I mean, I might as well have been telling her Santa Claus isn't real (which I'm now considering telling her entire class the day we move out of town). When I explained to her that when I bowl myself over after she pushes me with the Force we're having fun, she broke down in tears and said "So you lied to me?"

Ouch, kid.

I explained to her that the Force is real (hey, bear with me here), but it's not like you see it in the movies. I talked to her about Qi, and how people like Bruce Lee, who spent their entire lives studying, meditating, and BELIEVING they could use it, have accomplished amazing things. I then explained that while we've been having fun with it, it wasn't meant to be lying to her: it's that having a good, healthy imagination is important, and that we've been encouraging her to believe she can do amazing things, because if you don't believe you can, you never will ("like riding my bike down the hill!").

 I also pointed out that if I didn't believe in the possibility of moving objects with your mind, why would I try it at least once a day? (My wife can fully attest to this.)

She was smiling by the end of our talk, and I have a sneaking suspicion this hasn't diminished her love of Star Wars.

How do you know when your daughter's
playing too much Star Wars Kinect?

At some point magic was brought up as well, to which she said "Oh, I know all about magic, but the only place it really exists is Disneyland."


  1. I just found you through the Bloggess. I am the biggest Star Wars fanatic I know, and am totally following you! (I wish I found you before I posted this morning - I'd have added you to my award.)

    Excellent job raising your kids with proper priorities. The Force DOES exist. I use the Jedi Mind Trick regularly. :)

    1. Heh heh...I never thought of it that way! I DO Mind Trick people quite often! :-)