Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kids Can Be So Cruel (or My Daughter Learns the Force Isn't Real...from a Certain Point of View)

So, I recently had to have a very difficult talk with The Princess about the Force.  No really.  You see, we'd always let her open doors using the Force while we pushed the handicap button, or push me over with the Force while we were dueling with lightsabers.  But both my wife and I thought she knew deep down that we were having fun.  Well, apparently she genuinely, wholeheartedly believed she could wield the Force.  In and of itself, I wouldn't consider this a bad thing, no worse than believing in Santa Claus.  Except that kids--and by kids, I mean the little shits in her Kindergarten class--are cruel, and revel in each other's misery.