Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Saved a Horse (and Didn't Have to Ride a Cowboy to Do It)!

So this past weekend we were driving up to Spokane for Mother's Day.  It was your typical, boring-ass Sunday drive until about midway up, when traffic practically came to a standstill.  As we moved further up, we found out why.
Yes, that's a freakin' horse on the freakin' highway.

Apparently the horse had been tied to a tree branch (which my horse-loving friends tell me is considered bad parenting).  Something must have seriously spooked it, because it broke off the branch and was booking it down the highway in a panic.
And brought the branch along for the ride.
I was a bit worried, as I'd known of cases where spooked horses ran themselves to death.  So we (along with several other cars) decided we were going to try and stop it.

My wife called 911 while The Princess was sitting in the back getting very worried the horse was going to get hurt (and The Padawan slept through the whole thing).  A few of us tried unsuccessfully to corral it over to the shoulder.  One silly (but well-meaning) guy pulled over and actually tried to run down the horse and grab the branch (you can see him in the picture above).  The rest of us decided to escort it until we could convince it to slow down.  I pulled ahead and put on my blinkers, another pulled up behind, and two moved alongside it.  After it started to wear down a little, passengers in the cars on its flank leaned out the windows trying to get ahold of the rope.  Eventually one of them snagged the branch, and the horse stopped almost immediately (and seemed pretty relieved to do so).

I went back to help, and managed to untie the rope from the branch when (thankfully) both the State Patrol and a woman with a horse trailer (who didn't own the horse, but just happened to be on the highway at the time) arrived.  So we left the horse in their very capable hands, and went on with our trip.

The whole experience gave me warm fuzzies, and made me feel a little better about humanity.  Bunch of random strangers decided to help out an animal in distress, worked together without any communication between us, and (quite literally) managed to save its life.  I told my wife that I offer her nothing but the best for Mother's Day, pulling out all the stops to give her a memorable experience.  She rolled her eyes at me.  As usual.

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